With ecologically-sustainable practices in the fields of collection, marketing, further use and recycling, the SOEX GROUP has established itself as a global market leader.
Throughout the entire value chain the SOEX GROUP and its partner companies offer ecologically-sustainable services:

The SOEX GROUP value chain starts with collection. This involves the SOEX GROUP cooperating with charitable organizations in most locations in Europe and the USA. In Germany the group has organized seamless charitable collection of used clothing for decades via its wholly-owned subsidiary EFIBA Handelsgesellschaft mbH. In keeping with the principle "turning material donations into financial donations", this results in a reliable and significant source of financial income for charitable organizations.

Commercial collection in Germany is conducted by Retextil Recycling International GmbH & Co. KG.

In this our company strictly observes the legal and statutory requirements in all phases, i.e. from collection to sorting and on to the recycling of the used textiles.
If you are interested in a cooperative venture or wish to see the collection of used clothing in your region carried out by a professional and reliable partner – get in contact with us.